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What happened to the money for Queen’s Crescent and the market?

12 November, 2020

Questions on Queen’s Crescent cash 

• IN February 2018 Camden Council was awarded £1.1million by London mayor Sadiq Khan “to invigorate Queen’s Crescent, including the market”, (according to the Queen’s Crescent Market Wikipedia site, which is owned by Camden Council).

What happened to that money? So far we know that:

– Camden has hired no fewer than five consultation firms to consult the community about how that money should be spent, paying one of them £42,000 for their efforts. If other firms did as well or better, we can estimate that a fifth of that money is already gone, without benefiting the community in the slightest;

– Camden‘s plans for that money are unclear or if they are clear they have not been shared with the community;

– in the meantime the most elementary jobs around the neighbourhood go unaddressed.

Why is it beyond the council to do basic pavement repairs, preferably before some elderly person falls and breaks a limb?

Questions the community might have an interest in seeing answered include:

How much of that money has been spent already and what on?

How will the money that’s already been spent “invigorate Queen’s Crescent, including the market”?

What are council’s plans for the remainder, and is council capable of sharing these plans with the community without spending more money on consultations?

And is it the case that the money must be spent by March 2021 or will be forfeit?



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