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What if we can all invest in growing global wellbeing?

14 January, 2021

• AS somebody deeply interested in our community and its future, I’m writing to say how thrilled I was with the number and quality of visionary ideas in the “What if…?” wrap and flipbook, (Camden Future Journal, January 7).

And as somebody passionate about the waste of human capital in our current economic models, where drugs and guns are counted as contributing to value, but caring, gardening, and all voluntary work are not, I’m excited so many top economists now understand that we have to reinvent how things are costed and valued.

Only then can the work of all the community organisations who contributed to “What if…?” be properly seen as a huge contribution to growth: not the growth in exploitation of people and the planet that is currently rewarded, but the growth in global wellbeing and the health of both planet and people that we desperately need.

“What if…” everybody, not just those who can afford the time, was paid for one day a week to help make some of these visions come true? Then we would all really have something to look forward to post-Covid-19.

Thanks again to you all.



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