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What preparations have Camden made for a crash out of the EU?

21 February, 2019

• PARDON me for raising the vexatious subject of Brexit, but the question needs to be asked. What preparations have Camden made for a crash out the EU?

For example: Are there adequate staffing levels in care homes if European Union nationals depart? Are there adequate levels of essential medicines for care homes and the vulnerable?

Are there adequate food supplies and advice on how to get it, and what advice people should be giving or given in the event of possible transport failings? Is there a major incident officer and staff and location in place with up-to-date planning?

Is Camden liaising with other London boroughs for this possible event? Has Camden asked the government for what it and local authorities should be doing?

These are the questions which come to my mind but I am sure you can think of more. I think certainly council leader Georgia Gould and the chief officers of Camden Council should be asked what Camden is doing.

We could also ask our two MPs what arrangements are in hand. Knowing Camden as I do down the years and the shambolic way our government has handled Brexit to date I would not be surprised if the answer is “nothing”. I would like to be pleasantly surprised though.

West End Lane, NW6


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