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What should Hampstead Heath look like in 2067?

City of London asks for public's thoughts as it draws up new management plan

30 May, 2017 — By Dan Carrier

Bob Warnock, the Heath superintendent with Lucy Gannon, Heath project officer

WHAT will Hampstead Heath look like in 50 years’ time is the question being asked by the City of London as part of a comprehensive review of how the open space is managed.

The City is currently drawing up a management plan for the next 10 years – and is asking for people to share their views. One question asked as they consult Heath users is to imagine the space in five decades’ time.

Heath superintendent Bob Warnock told the New Journal: “We are looking 50 years ahead to help get a much bigger perspective. “Our work plans are on 10-year cycles – but we want to take this opportunity to ask people to imagine the Heath in 50 years’ time. We want to hear what people think is special and enriches their lives today – and then ensure they are still here in 2067.”

The survey asks Heath users questions including why they visit the Heath and what they value about it. The answers will be used to shape how Rangers look after the space over the next decade. It will contain what Mr Warnock calls “essential actions” – such as managing grasslands – through to “objectives” that will cover more general aims on how the Heath is looked after.

Mr Warnock added the City had reviewed its 2007 plan and themes had emerged it could draw on today. He said: “We know people are keen for us to share information, to increase participation. There is a strong sense of nostalgia towards the Heath and its cultural heritage, from the way it was founded and how people fought to save it from development and how we are continuing that tradition today. We want to reflect that.”

Results from the Heath users survey will be collated through June. Drafts of the plan will then go to the Heath Consultative Committee for their views, before being studied by the City’s Heath Management Committee.

Its results will then be used by Heath staff to guide their management of the space. l To take part in the survey, see

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