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What Should I Consider When Travelling from London to America?

15 September, 2019

There’s a lot to think about when it comes to planning a trip, yet most people forget to check fundamental details regarding their country of choice. Instead they are focussed on site-seeing plans and what to pack. America in particular requires a lot of preparation when flying from the UK, as there are landing requirements, visa requirements, and dangerous weather warnings to take into account.

Below are some question prompts you should consider before you go.

How Would I Prefer to Fly?

The flight time from London to the United States varies depending on which state you intend to land in. It’s important to prepare for long flight times and expect delays or changeovers if necessary. Based on the most popular airport destinations, a flight to New York is around 8 hours, a flight to Los Angeles is around 11 hours and a flight to Orlando is around 9 hours. If this length of time is too long for you, decide whether you would prefer to fly to a halfway point and stopover in an alternate location to break up the flight. You should also choose which seating class you would prefer to maximise comfort during your trip. A truly luxurious trip over would involve a Los Angeles private jet which flies out from Gatwick. On a private jet of your own you won’t want your plane to land.

When Is Hurricane Season?

Weather in the United States is always something you should check before planning a trip. Hurricanes are regular occurrences in America. Checking the dates of the hurricane seasons means you can potentially avoid the worst of it. The important dates are as follows:

  • Atlantic hurricane season is from 1st June to 30th November
  • Eastern Pacific hurricane season is from 15th May to 30th November

Do I Have the Right Insurance?

You should always purchase the right travel insurance no matter where you go in the world, but it’s crucial for a trip to the USA. This is due to the high cost of medical bills in America, which you want to avoid by choosing an insurance policy which will cover all medical treatment should the need arise.

Have I Checked the Entry Requirements?

In most cases, tourists won’t need a visa to visit the US, but it’s important to check based on your circumstances and the duration of your trip. If you’re travelling with a valid passport, have a return ticket and are spending less than 90 days in America, then you won’t need a visa to travel to the US from London. You will, however, need an Electronic System for Travel Authorisation, which you can apply for online.

Am I Planning to Drive?

You should always check travel safety tips before you drive in a new country. Americans drive on the opposite side of the road to the UK. If you’re planning on renting a car in the US, then you will need a full driving licence and an International Driving Permit. You’ll also need to be over the age of 21, but some hire companies ask for a minimum age of 25.


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