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The empty premises should be occupied by shops we need

31 July, 2020

• I AM surprised that £30,000 has been allocated to help the Belsize Village restaurants, (Diners to go al fresco with a ‘streatery’ in Belsize Park, July 3).

Are these councillors completely tone deaf to how most people are living?

There are no reasonably priced shops that sell essentials and most of us who actually live here are not going to use these particular restaurants.

A supermarket was interested in opening here but it was blocked by the same few people who are promoting this “streatery”.

We are now not allowed to walk through the middle of the village so either have to walk past bins and dumped rubbish on Belsize Terrace or in the road.

The claims being made on twitter by the Belsize Village Business Association person are absolutely toe-curling and offensive.

All this place needs is for the empty premises to be occupied by shops that the residents need and want and for these private company bins on Belsize Terrace to be moved. Council contractor Veolia do collect here.

Belsize Lane, NW3


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