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Whatever happened to the Clean Air Act?

10 May, 2018

Barbecues: does the Clean Air Act need amending?

• ONCE again I must wash my freshly-laundered shirts. I left them to dry on an outside line, but because of my inconsiderate neighbours my washing machine is on full blast again.

Soon as the sun is out it seems it is imperative to light a fire and produce as much grease-laden smoke as possible to cook the cheapest things supermarkets can con the gullible into buying.

This sets back my efforts at being green with my laundry, as I must do a heavy-duty wash and then tumble dry to achieve the goal I set 12 hours before.

As a young man at college I learnt of the Clean Air Act 1953. Is this no longer law? Perhaps it just needs amending and enforcing by the council as a much-needed revenue earner.

Spitting could be another revenue earner – I believe the current fine for spitting is 10 shillings, dropping a cigarette end is £80, dumping rubbish £1,000. With regard to spitting, Tuberculosis was eradicated in this country years ago due to vaccination, how and why is it on the up?

Ryland Road, NW5


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