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Where Are The Cheapest Places to Holiday Abroad in 2018?

26 January, 2018

With horizons broad but budgets tight, people across Great Britain are looking to make the most of a 2018 holiday without living beyond their means. Companies are remaining highly competitive in this regard, across a range of holiday types.

But likewise, destinations themselves, ever keen to see tourist levels rise, are offering more attractive deals than ever.

During 2017, top lists of cheap breaks featured not just mainstream destinations, but also a few surprise hits like Romania and Morocco. Bucharest, the Romanian capital, has become something of a city break darling thanks to its architecture, decent shopping and cheap alcohol.

Meanwhile, Morocco’s shift in focus from backpacker mainstay to more traditional holiday destination shows that tastes are changing, and people are seeking some mystique in their getaways.

That sense of variety, coupled with getting more for less, means that package holidays are becoming more popular and more varied.

Recent ABTA statistics suggest package holidays are still the preferred booking option for foreign holidays, with 51% of respondents having recently taken one.

This is not just owing to the convenience and value of an upfront payment, but also because it’s seen as a safeguard against local currency fluctuations and other factors.

Indeed, today’s travellers are booking more smartly than ever, looking to make the most of their time away without running afoul of any political or economic issues that could arise.

The Mediterranean and European city breaks remain affordable and attractive package deal destinations for holidaymakers, and that looks to be the case going into 2018 too.

ABTA suggests it’s a combination of affordability and responsible, ethical tourism that’s shaping how we holiday in 2018 and beyond.
Having said that, a growing number of holidaymakers are also looking to leave more conventional accommodation behind entirely, seeing the world through the likes of glamping and camping.

The destinations run the same affordable range as package deals, with lists often including Germany’s Black Forest, Italy’s Lake Garda and Switzerland’s Interlaken for added variety.

Again, not to be outdone, package holiday companies are keeping these back-to-nature destinations affordable as they expand their offerings to keep pace.

What’s more, the allure of grabbing a fast deal is still a strong selling point.
With Greece and its islands as popular as ever, headlines were made throughout 2017 as specialists offered the likes of a full week on the island of Zante for just £87.

To meet the growing demand for holidays in more natural surroundings, the travel retailer behind that Zante deal,

Holiday Hypermarket, is launching its newest offering of holidays to the lakes and mountains of Switzerland, Austria, Italy and Slovenia for summer 2018.

Additionally, approaches such as that of Airbnb are gaining ground the world over.

The successful startup’s evolved to include a growing range of what it dubs Experiences, including the likes of surfing, photography and guided tours, with $5 million invested in expanding the programme in the mainland United States alone this coming year.

Couple that with superb traction in markets like Thailand, and both East and West are looking affordable for travellers of all kinds in 2018. 2018 will prove a fruitful year for the travel sector, even before one gives consideration to the growing trend in cruising and other alternative ways of seeing the world.

Europe remains as popular with Brits as ever for a cheap getaway, but we are likely to see increasing focus on more long-haul destinations like the Americas and Asia going forward – with prices continuing to allure.


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