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Where are the lawyers to fight HS2?

11 September, 2020

‘Is there not one single lawyer who can take on HS2, and defend the residents?’

• AFTER countless reports about residents’ complaints about HS2, I was struck by the latest one, (Starmer calls on HS2 to help residents left with ‘unbearable’ noise and dust, August 27).

Sir Keir Starmer describes residents’ living conditions as “unbearable”. And yet this fine QC, respected local MP, and prominent national politician, simply has a “hope that HS2 will respond constructively”. Camden Cllr Danny Beales’s statement is even more hollow.

A few days later at PMQs Jeremy Wright, a former Attorney General, complained that HS2 had closed a road in his Kenilworth and Southam constituency without notice and in breach of prior commitments.

This disrupted the school run. Note not residents’ life and health, like in Camden, just the school run, but still worthy of PMQs.

To his gentle plea for HS2 to “do better for people” [along the route] Boris Johnson replied that “anyone who has worked with HS2 in the last few years will know that they do treat local residents… with a high-handed approach”.

So now it is official: the PM, the Leader of the Opposition, a former Attorney General, and Camden Council are all helpless against HS2.

So, not being a lawyer myself, I ask is there not one single lawyer who can take on HS2, defend the residents, and show politicians how the job is done?

Or is HS2 right and the rest of the country wrong?



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