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Whittington Hospital must axe this contract

10 November, 2017

• DEFEND Whittington Hospital Coalition is very disappointed in the board of Whittington Hospital for choosing Ryhurst, a subsidiary of Grenfell contractor Rydon, to manage the Hospital Estate Strategy.

Because the government refuses to pay for hospital improvement, hospitals like ours with old buildings have to find the money themselves.

Whittington is a special health provider because it provides community and residential health care on 49 sites. To fund its improvement it is being forced to sell off buildings. And Ryhurst would be paid from the sell-off.

Of course, we want to see a state-of-the-art hospital but we don’t want our health buildings to be sold off and we certainly don’t want Ryhurst to reap the benefits.

We know that it’s not too late to cancel this contract with Ryhurst/Rydon because NHS Improvement has to ratify this agreement. It has not done so.

What will happen if the public inquiry finds that Rydon had some responsibility for the Grenfell disaster? Whittington board must cancel the contract now. And the government should fund our NHS properly.

Jem Lindon, Valerie Lipman
Defend the Whittington Hospital Coalition 


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