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Who is going to be our next councillor?

25 November, 2021

• I’VE always enjoyed talking to Lazzaro Pietragnoli, here’s wishing him a brilliant new career as a fiction writer, (Lazzaro Pietragnoli resigns from council over ‘abusive’ social media account, November 22).

However a serious question arises from this farce. Who is going to be our next ward councillor for Camden Town with Primrose Hill?

Our Constituency Labour Party has been so relentlessly purged and the councillor selection process in particular so endlessly rigged during the years since 2015…

As one of 120,000 people (and rising) who have left the Labour Party during the time our MP has been running it as leader, I predict that the victors in this dirty fight will – in the words of Harold Macmillan – rather than never having had it so good, find instead that: “Power? It’s like a Dead Sea fruit”. Decidedly bitter.



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