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Who is this mystery artist? Hire bikes turned into tower

A tower of bikes appeared in Camden Town overnight

21 June, 2019 — By Helen Chapman

Briana Mullins and Kate Dotsikas

ADMIRERS have been stopping in Camden Road today (Friday) taking photos of a structure made from rental bikes that appeared overnight.

The sculpture, held together with wooden planks and screws, is made from bikes from dockless hire company Mobike.

Briana Mullins, 25, and Kate Dotsikas live above the Camden Coffee House and heard a crash outside of their window at midnight last night. They watched the event unfold from their window.

Kate, from Canada, said: “We saw a man outside flipping bikes over. Someone was asking if he was ok. He wearing a yellow hi-vis vest and listening to folk music on his portable speakers.

“I regret not asking him more questions. It is nice someone tried to do something beautiful in Camden Town. I don’t know if it means anything, like in some sort of protest. But it’s nice people stop and look and it’s nice someone tried to make art. Some people stopped and helped him build it too.

“He had tools on him like a drill and screwdriver but to get materials he kept going around the corner and coming back with wooden planks. It is like he had a stash somewhere.”

The new sculpture that appeared in Camden Road last night

It took three hours for the mystery man to build the structure that has impressed passers by in the high street today.

Ms Mullins said: “I don’t know his name but we asked if he was an artist and he said ‘no, but I’m thinking about becoming one.

Ms Mullins and Ms Dotsikas, both studying Public Health at UCL, said they watched the unknown sculptor build the structure on and off until 3am.

“Someone tried to take it down after he left but it was indestructible,” said Ms Mullins.

“As he was leaving he said ‘I’ll be back,’” said Ms Dotsikas, who has been living in Camden Town since September, “I think he must live in the area and was annoyed by the bikes. They [rental bikes] are always scattered in front of our door.

“So many people walked by last night and didn’t stop. I guess so many weird things happen in Camden Town all the time.

“There is always something interesting happening outside our window but this is the most interesting.”

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