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Who wants a confirmatory vote?

10 May, 2019

• DR ANTHONY Isaacs claims that “Labour MEPs back a confirmatory referendum on any deal…”, (The May 23 poll will be about the Euro parliament, May 2).

However only 15 of Labour’s 70 MEP candidates are sitting MEPs meaning that less than half of all Labour MEP candidates have made a personal commitment to campaign to put Brexit back to the people and vote remain in a future referendum, (Remain Labour, April 30).

I have followed Dr Isaacs’s suggestion to “look at the records of Labour’s leading candidates for the London region…”. Labour are defending four positions in the capital but only two of the top four listed candidates signed this pledge.

Camden voters wishing to send the strongest possible message over the need for a confirmatory vote must also contrast Labour’s manifesto for the European elections only backing a second Brexit referendum in very specific circumstances with the unequivocal position of Change UK, the Greens and Liberal Democrats.

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