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Who will be first plaque on Camden’s Walk Of Fame?

Long-awaited Hollywood Boulevard-style scheme to be launched next month

31 October, 2019 — By Dan Carrier

GLOBAL-SELLING pop stars are set to make an appearance in Camden Town in a fortnight’s time – to unveil the first paving stone in the Camden Town Music Walk of Fame.

But organisers are keeping tight-lipped as to who the first artist will be to be honoured by the Hollywood Boulevard-style plaque, only revealing it is a truly international music industry star.

Organisers of the project, which will see NW1’s music heritage celebrated with a series of specially designed paving stones, say the first mystery star to be honoured has agreed to a personal appearance to mark the occasion. Music Walk of Fame founder Lee Bennett said: “We can’t reveal it yet as we want it to be a surprise – but it is a major, global name.”

Due to be unveiled on November 19 in the heart of Camden at Britannia Junction, the stones celebrating the area’s musical heritage will head up Camden High Street as more are added in the spring.

The organising committee include Queen bassist Roger Taylor, The Libertines’s Carl Barat, DJ Paul Oakenfold, rapper Curtis Blow and Food Records label boss Andy Ross. Mr Bennett added the Walk of Fame would boost Camden’s music scene as well as celebrating the role the area has played.

He said: “We see this as a seminal moment for the music industry, a celebration of musicians and performers that creates a new outlet for the fan to engage in. I am also thrilled that this will be set in the UK, and more so Camden Town, as it is rightly the global home of music. An honour greatly deserved. All genres, eras, icons and ideas will be represented in one place, which is very exciting. Our aim is to become the highest accolade in music worldwide.”

The categories for the celebratory stones include icons, influencers, innovators, unsung heroes, local heroes and an Artist of the Year category, selected by a public vote. The project also includes an app that can be downloaded by each stone – and used to see footage of the performer in action and learn more about them.

Mr Ross added: “I’m very pleased to have been invited into the fold of Camden and the global music industry’s luminaries. As a vet of 30 years or so, patrolling the precinct and inflicting Britpop on a generation, I look forward to contributing to the recognition of people and venues who brought Camden to the


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