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Who will compensate us for the HS2 mess?

30 August, 2019

Dramatic HS2 demolition in Euston 

• A CHINK of light? Amid all the political gloom and doom a small chink of hope appeared last week. A review of the HS2 scheme was announced.

Can it be that at last this pernicious and costly fantasy will finally hit the buffers? Political parties in Camden, who have always been united in opposition to the scheme for the disruption and chaos it brings to our borough, will welcome such a move.

The initial effects have already begun to impact seriously on the neighbourhoods north of Euston Road and this is only the beginning. There is the threat of years of disturbance and destruction to come; traffic, pollution, lost homes and businesses, loss of trees and green spaces, all on a scale not seen since World War II.

And the costs to us all of this massive white elephant rise exponentially every second. So is it time to bang heads together and call a halt? The answer has to be a resounding “yes”.

However, in Camden, we have already lost parts of our history and disrupted our neigh­bourhoods during the preliminary works. Who will compensate us; rebuild our communities, replant our trees, and regenerate our streets?

Sadly, none of the misguided overgrown children playing with train sets who dreamed up this foolish fantasy, we fear. It is a heavy price to pay.

Leader of Camden Liberal Democrat Group


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