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Who’s dumping on the boss now?

OPINION: Chelsea fans who criticised Gooners for demanding a once-great manager be removed, are standing up in Stamford Bridge with expletives of their own about 'Sarri-ball'

21 February, 2019 — By Richard Osley

Former Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger

WHEN Arsenal fans began bringing placards to matches asking for Arsene Wenger to be retired, they were dismissed as ungrateful brats who did not understand how fortunate they were to be supporting such a great club.

On the one hand, supporters were mocked for the embarrassing defeats at the latter-end of Wenger’s reign, while at the same time being told by anybody with a mouth that they were oh-so-lucky to be supporting a club with Arsenal’s history.

In my own view, Arsenal fans were very patient and the protests – although a little ugly – were an understandable result of watching sideways passes and well-paid players underachieving for years on end.

Now the same Chelsea fans that told us how a section of Arsenal fans lacked class in demanding a once-great manager be removed are standing up in Stamford Bridge with expletives of their own about “Sarri-ball”.

The television mics could not help but pick up the loud choruses of dissatisfaction about this year’s Chelsea manager Maurizio Sarri.

Dumping on the boss with such venom, in the full glare of the big BBC audience, seems just as rude and entitled as anything the Wenger Outers ever mustered.

Alex Scott

“ANALYSIS” on Match Of The Day goes something like this, every week: That was a great goal, Gary. They played well, Gary. They didn’t play well, Gary.

Alan Shearer and friends telling us what we’ve just seen without any real explanation of how it all came together.

There are some in jokes about one of the guest’s former clubs and a bit of wordplay from Gary Lineker to end, and that’s your lot.

All of these experts, and no real insight.

On Saturday evening, we got a glimpse of how it should be done: There was none of the expensive puns and winks from Lineker as Manish Bhasin was in the chair.

He’s always around for a night shift if there’s one going but somehow never given prime-time permanence (remember when he used to stay all up night with Leroy Rosenior, bringing you the Scunthorpe v Morecambe goals at about 1.20am, he deserves better).

The omnipresent Mark Chapman sort of jumped the queue a few years back. And the guests were Matthew Upson and Alex Scott.

Not showstoppers for people who demand men who played lots of times for England, but both are supremely more intelligent.

I’m biased but Scott, the former Arsenal defender, has far more insightful things to say than Shearer droning about… what a brilliant strike that is.
Keep the B-team on our screens.


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