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Why are they unnecessarily digging up perfectly good pavements across the borough?

10 August, 2017

• HAS anyone else noticed that Camden Council keep digging up and replacing perfectly good pavements? This has been going on for months and must be costing huge amounts of money.

For example: the quiet section of Argyle Walk, King’s Cross, is currently being repaved. If this passageway has a daily footfall over 10 I’d be surprised.

And in another low-trafficked street I spotted some spray-paint on a few flagstones, marking a “trip hazard” 2cm long with a maximum depth of 1.8cm (I measured it) which was not even across the direction of travel. Sure enough a few days later the flags were dug up and relaid.

A perfectly flat pavement might be ideal but is unachievable and no sensible health and safety regime would dictate these repairs. The works themselves (the “pavement closed” signs, the blown-over barriers, etc) create hazards greater than any benefit the repairs will bring.

I guess this is going on all over the borough, and it’s a crazy, crazy waste of money – money that we would all prefer spent on care for the elderly, youth centres, etc. But those services keep losing their funding.

Why is the council funding this pointless work? Are we being cynical to wonder about the financial relationship between the London Borough of Camden and the contractors?



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