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Why aren’t these murders on the front page?

Borough commander Raj Kohli questions why newspapers aren't more interested

16 September, 2019 — By Richard Osley

Borough commander Raj Kohli says ongoing Brexit debate has blurred what’s important

A POLICE chief says he is surprised that the three Camden murders last week did not make front page news, but insisted the public were not becoming desensitised to death on the streets.

Asked how he thought residents in Camden reacted to the familiar sight of forensic tents and police cordons, Chief Superintendent Raj Kohli, the borough commander, said: “I don’t think the public will ever be blasé or desensitised by the death of anybody. It’s not for me to say because I don’t live in Camden, although I clearly have a vested interest. What I would say is that the headlines talk about Brexit, post-Brexit austerity, and the infighting – do we Brexit, do we not? – and that sometimes blurs what I think is more important, which is the deaths of people.”

Last week’s CNJ front page

He added: “I think that’s more important. It’s kind of blurred what’s happening. I was quite surprised when the deaths on Sunday didn’t really figure anywhere [in the press and media], apart from your goodselves. It didn’t really figure where I thought it needed to figure, but I don’t think we have become desensitised. I really don’t think so, I hope not anyway.

Asked if that was true of young people in Camden who were aware of the violence but in some cases were sharing a video of a shooting victim fighting for his life on the pavement, he added: “I don’t think young people are desensitised, I think they are traumatised. I don’t think they get used to it but at some point the family might see that footage. Can you imagine that? That’s your son on the floor. No matter what his background is, he doesn’t to be a body on the floor.”



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