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Why did the protest about the Nisa come so late in the day?

26 July, 2018

Charles Dance and fellow protesters bidding to save the Leighton Arms pub meet MP Keir Starmer

• LIVING on Brecknock Road I fail to see the problem with a Nisa opening in place of a pub that was generally empty all the time, (Game of Thrones star Charles Dance calls for pub to be saved from supermarket switch, July 19).

Maybe if the protesters went in there a bit more often it would have stayed open. Furthermore it was widely known locally that this was going to be a shop. So why did it take until the new shop was virtually finished before there was a protest?

Surely three years after the pub shut is way too late and, might I add, dangerous. I watched a lady who had decided to block the road and had to be pulled out the way of people driving to work.

I know quite a few people locally that support the shop and have found its location to be perfect.



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