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Why have they changed the system in the sheltered housing units?

31 May, 2018

• MAY I endeavour to evince an explanation for the changes which are taking place in Camden’s sheltered houses units. All our dedicated live-in managers have been changed.

None of our new managers now lives on site, whereas Camden previously offered a flat to prospective candidates saying in their magazine that tenants would have 24-hour cover. Our rather excellent live-in manager, in our unit, has now unfortunately resigned.

Some months ago at a meeting of tenants’ reps and Camden, chaired by Cllr Alison Kelly, we were told that changes would be made to staffing and an explanation to tenants would be given later by senior management. This has not happened.

I have spoken to several managers, none of whom seem to know the reason for the changes. Perhaps Camden could enlighten us and return to its original procedure which worked quite well.

None of the tenants with whom I have spoken is in favour of these changes and would like an explanation from senior management.

Makepeace Avenue, N6


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