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Why I haven’t voted in local or general elections

04 July, 2019

• I HAVE never voted in any general or local election – I feel we are not participating in a democratic process but functioning as automata, voting for a system little more than a rubber stamp for the executive and institutions of state.

The Labour Party certainly does not represent organised labour or the working classes, it’s purely an alternative to the traditional Tory establishment.

The political ideologies of all the main parties are identical; monetary regulation under fiscal austerity. And the chimera of parliamentary institutions are a cover for an entrenched ruling class. This is the real betrayal of those who pioneered the franchise.

I personally have only exercised the right of suffrage in the two referendums on retention of membership in the European Union, expressing a desire to remain within the economic and political fraternity considered the way of the future; and in the 2011 ballot on retention of the first-past-the-post voting system, again believing it better than proportional representation, which would result in chaos and government instability.

While I deeply regret Brexit, I also fear the future ramifications of dislocation within the internal structure of Europe itself – the cartel mechanism under rigid centralisation a threat to its continued survival with the exercise of political authority.



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