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Why I want HS2 to be scrapped

05 September, 2019

• I HOPE HS2 gets stopped as they have caused me extreme suffering and cruelty by closing down the two bus stops near where I live so I have a very long walk to the next bus stop, causing pain in my back as I have a fractured spine and have to use a four-wheel walker for support.

The housing association in charge of the place where I live did not tell me that Thames Water would be working in front of my flat and that they would be closing the two bus stops down, otherwise I would never have accepted their offer to move in.

Further cruelty was that about a month ago two staff from HS2 and Thames Water came for a meeting and I asked if they could keep one of the bus stops open at least.

They never did anything and it’s been many weeks that the two bus stops have been unavailable. I have to walk all the way down Parkway to do my shopping etc.

Further cruelty was the fact that the housing association did not tell me that each door in the flat was a fire door and very heavy to pull open and close, which caused my fractured spine.



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