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Why I withhold my identity

05 September, 2019

• YOUR correspondent, Mark Bloustien states that letters with “name and address supplied” are “not acceptable”, (As a matter of transparent policy all articles and letters should be signed by the author, August 23).

I am a frequent “culprit” for two reasons: the safety of myself, partner and home, and my desire not to be expelled from the Labour Party.

I was chased down a nearby street by a person yelling “grass, grass”, who threatened to have me “done over”, suffered several attempts to drag me off my bicycle and had our home splattered with eggs on numerous occasions. I was advised by the police to keep a lower profile (and move!).

On the “political” side, some years ago admittedly, I was told by a former councillor (not Labour) that if I did not stop writing letters to the press he would close the voluntary organisation I chaired. I have been trolled on local social media. I cannot, of course, blame all of these on my “letters to the CNJ editor”.

However, I fail to see how by attaching my name and address to a letter this would enable “the people of Camden” to determine whether I was trying to “manipulate their minds and thoughts”. After all we have no proof that your correspondent is who he says he is.

Given the violence in my area (four shootings and four stabbings, one fatal) since the start of the year and my personal experience, I think I am more than justified in asking that my name and address are withheld.



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