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Why no equality of pay for the Green Party leaders?

13 September, 2018

Councillor Sian Berry

• COUNCILLOR Sian Berry is now joint leader of the Greens, but the male co-leader, Cllr Jonathan Bartley, is paid and she isn’t. What signal does that send to people? Have a joint leader but only pay the man?

They say it’s because Sian has two jobs already – a Camden councillor and a member of the GLA. Well Cllr Bartley has two jobs too – a Lambeth councillor and an additional paid job, as Lambeth Council opposition leader. Both posts pay cash from the taxpayer.

So the Greens have two leaders, both with two jobs already, but they only pay the man. It implies he does the job and she’s there as window dressing. So much for progressive politics!

Camden Conservatives


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