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Why our ‘ugly’ home was so great

21 September, 2017

The home in Laurier Road, Dartmouth Park

• I READ with some amusement the article about the controversy surrounding the proposal by a local architect to develop the building which was mine and my children’s home for 28 years (Architect: My plan to make street’s ugly sister beautiful, August 31).

As a single mother I was grateful to find a home near to my children’s school. I worked hard and saved money so that over the years I was able to create a beautiful living space. My friends and family admired the flat and especially loved the garden filled with hollyhocks in the summer.

Sometimes we need to remember to look beyond the superficial to see beauty. My children are adults now, and I have now moved to south London. However we all retain an affection for the ugly building which provided us with a home and stability at a formative time in our lives.

Peckham, SE15


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