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Why so many learner drivers and takeaways?

20 November, 2020

‘Are we all living on pizzas and burgers?’

• AS if the coronavirus Covid-19 pandemic was not bad enough we now have an epidemic of motor bike / scooter delivery riders working for Just Eat, Deliveroo etc.

This has no doubt been exacerbated by the lockdowns but now seems to be a permanent feature of our city streets.

At first these deliveries were made mostly by bicycle but now are now nearly always by motorbike. They are noisy, polluting, and many of the riders drive recklessly.

The vast majority are riding on L-plates and I should like to know how this work is even legal on a provisional licence – not to mention the insurance.

Have we become too lazy to walk / cycle to the local takeaway to collect? Are we all living on pizzas and burgers?

St Paul’s Road N1


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