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Why the constant carping?

10 September, 2021

• WEEK after week you publish yet another tedious, critical, and sarcastic letter from Mick Farrant about Camden Council’s alleged failings.

No doubt the council, like me, are heartily sick of his constant nagging and “exposure” of “secret” visits which are nothing of the sort.

As he is so knowledgeable about his local area and its problems might I suggest that he stands for election as a local councillor?

He might then find it is not so easy to fix all the problems he alleges, most of which are probably due to limitation on spending.

And might I ask why, if he is such a self-appointed champion of his area, he doesn’t liaise and meet with his local councillor / councillors to sort things out instead of criticising the council in the press – or is that too much to ask?

Perhaps they, too, are sick of his constant carping.



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