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Why there is a border in Ireland

21 December, 2017

• IVOR Kenna says there are no grounds for having a border in one-nation Ireland (Letters, December 14).

This is a very simplistic view. There are two major religions in Ireland leading to divided loyalties with Protestants preferring to stick with the Crown.

As someone born here of parents from the Republic I do not blame them. Ireland is not unique in being divided on religious lines. In 1947 when India was split, Hindus predominated in India with Muslims ending up in the newly-formed Pakistan.

Mr Kenna’s remark about the DUP representing “a particular school of Bible-bashers” is disturbing. What is wrong with people reading the Bible? Would he have dared refer to Muslims as “Koran bashers”? I don’t think so.

Ben Jonson House, EC2


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