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Why won’t Camden stop the use of glyphosate?

24 September, 2020

Illustration by John Sadler

• WILL Hell have to freeze over before Camden Council joins authorities up and down the country and stops using glyphosate? (Camden urged again to stop using glyphosate weedkiller, September 17).

Up to now Camden has considered the issue a political football with which to snub the opposition parties, who are all urging their Labour colleagues to join the non-toxic weed control club.

That’s not big, that’s not clever and it is certainly not what their bosses, Camden council-tax payers want them to do.

Camden Conservatives made banning glyphosate a manifesto pledge at the last election and Camden Greens and Liberal Democrats joined them in lobbying the council to stop using glyphosate.

It would seem that Camden Labour feel that bowing to the opposition’s pressure to end its use would be some sort of defeat.

It is deeply troubling that councillors see fit to play fast and loose with the health of residents in order to snub their political opponents.

For goodness sake, this is not a competition and it’s not as if we don’t have enough problems already. The council even admits that their “ideal is to phase it out” so what are we waiting for?

Green Party Barnet & Camden
London Assembly Candidate


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