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Why You Need an IPTV box

02 December, 2019

Television is no longer just a means of entertainment, but often a part of human life as a whole. This is one of the main sources of information in the world, and the entertainment function is almost the most important in the broadcasters’ work. But if the traditional analog TV makes it possible for you to watch programs without installing any additional devices except the antenna, then modern digital TV dictates new terms.

Interactive television is a modern broadcast format. Its difference from cable TV is that the signal goes through an Internet connection, not through a separate cable. It requires additional equipment, a set-top box, the functions of which can be found at and a modern TV that supports the Net connection.

Pros of IPTV

IPTV is not broadcast over the Net, it only uses the Net data transfer protocol; the technology does not depend on the global network but the provider rendering services. IPTV can be transmitted over closed networks supported by a telecommunications company. Various image quality standards are applied: from SD to 3D and Ultra HD. What else is inherent in IPTV:

  • the ability to select a TV show and the time it starts playing, program recording, rewinding, pausing, etc.;

  • integration with social networks, as well as other devices connected to the network;

  • access to movies and TV series archives.

This is the most modern and optimal option in terms of quality + capabilities. It comes to the house via the same cable as the Net; it can potentially supply an unlimited number of channels, high  quality pictures, a large selection of additional services (IPTV contains a certain set of functions and is available only to the service subscribers).

An IP set-top box for the TV is needed to translate the signal into an image displayed on the screen. Set-top boxes with Wi-Fi are designed to watch IPTV over the Net. MAG420 is the basic model. The device can be connected to the Net through an Ethernet interface or using a Wi-Fi adapter. The tuner provides access to live content over a two-way IP network in conjunction with DVR features. It is used with cable networks that have IPTV infrastructure. The quality of the received content is proportionally dependent on the work of the tuner.

Which Box to Choose

Xiaomi Mi Box / Mi Box S is a famous model in the modern market. But the new generation model of cost-effective UHD set-top boxes from Infomir MAG420 is a powerful and economical solution for the quick IPTV / OTT projects launching.

Unlike the Xiaomi Mi Box, which has a rather complicated and inconvenient initial setup, Infomir MAG420 (425, 425A) is simpler to manage. Infomir MAG has a fairly long cable, stably working control panels. Xiaomi Mi Box users notice the fact that when the device is turned on for the first time, the remote control starts working 30-40 seconds after loading the device itself, during use it turns off a couple of times until you reboot the device.


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