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With all the new developments where will children go then?

28 November, 2019

• NO school should close, the birth rates go up and down and it is good that Michael Palin (Carlton is a hugely impressive school – think again, November 21) has stood up to support Carlton, which I know to be excellent as are all our Camden primary schools.

They should all be gathering to support each other not blame one small community school where residents got together to help themselves when Camden wouldn’t. I for one will wave a banner for Carlton or any other primary school which is under threat.

Too true, in your November 21 Comment section, what will Camden do with all the developments for new homes when they are built? Where will the children go to school then?

There was a period about 25 years ago when local authorities decided the birth rate was low and therefore sold off masses of our Victorian school sites for gated luxury flats. Lost and gone for ever.

Your journalist Tom Foot witnessed parents walking to Brecknock school from Belsize Park to make a point that it was too far for five-year-olds and I forget which councillor it was, at the Abacus planning meeting (Blocked: Planners refuse to allow Abacus Belsize to move into police station, November 21), but he suggested that the small incline up the hill from Belsize to the police station was too much for five-year-olds! The councillor was a lawyer and that says it all!

Most of our primary schools are built on main roads with pollution issues. Take Fleet, stuck in the middle of the road, not ideal; but it’s not Abacus’s fault and Abacus are making every effort to apply all the health and safety issues to the police station, which the police don’t want as it’s of no use to modern-day policing.

Pollution and traffic jams are not caused by any of our local primary schools but by all the private schools who fail to address the problem with their parents ferrying their children in from outside the area. Camden, schools and councillors have a responsibility to address this problem and support the residents’ group NW3 Green.

One of the loveliest things in the morning is seeing all the state school choosing walking or scooting to school, in small groups, chatting away with their families and neighbours. That’s one thing that makes this area special.

I live across the road from St Christopher’s school and I love hearing the sound of children and miss the sound in the school holidays. What’s the matter with these Downshire Hill families? Are they so locked behind their huge gates or in their basements?

Founder of Abacus
Retired deputy head
Friars Primary School


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