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With the Carillion collapse surely it’s time to kill HS2

18 January, 2018

• WITH the collapse of Carillion surely the time has come to cancel HS2 in Camden.

We have seen how it favours the rich, is destructive of our trees and homes of people living near Regent’s Park in the Mornington Crescent area, and has only actually benefited the already rich like Stanley Johnson and the directors and managers of Carillion.

In this crisis directors just retire to their country houses in the Cotswolds and other beauty spots with bags of millions of pounds while having put thousands of workers out of work.

As for HS2 itself, it does not comply with EU regulations for inter-operability and is, in fact, a nonsense, without a direct link to the Channel tunnel or St Pancras terminal.

We have seen that with German rolling stock with in-cab computer control, trains could go 40 per cent faster and more frequently with very little alteration to the tracks which go north to Birmingham via Luton Airport.

It is time to stop this criminal HS2 before it gives Camden 20 years of unnecessary misery. We hope that MPs Tulip Siddiq and Sir Keir Starmer, and mayor Sadiq Khan can stop this HS2 madness.

We must also hope the Labour Party rises to this challenge of capitalism, whereby a Carillion boss could step down, when he knew in advance of everybody else that there was a profit warning, but since walk away with a deal said to be worth hundreds of thousands of pounds, perks of £1.5million and an annual salary of £660,000. But thanks to him workers are laid off and cannot put food on the table or pay the rent.

Must the people of Camden also live in a borough where trees are not planted but are cut down and their children choke on diesel fumes?



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