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With the Carpenters Arms decision, the inspector is sending a clear message

11 October, 2018

Campaigners who fought to save the Carpenters Arms pub in King’s Cross Road

• WELL done to planning inspector Graham Dudley for recognising and defending the rights and needs of the King’s Cross community in the face of adversity, (Carpenters campaigners drink to a ‘moral victory’, October 5).

Once again the New Journal/Islington Tribune has reported a story about a property developer who has doubled up as a community destroyer. The behaviour of Mendoza Ltd is beyond belief.

It shamelessly destroyed the interior of a thriving Victorian pub (the Carpenters Arms) after evicting its landlord and robbing several generations of a friendly meeting point.

It then made an unwarranted conversion of the pub’s living quarters and function room. It tried to justify the bar conversion on the grounds that it would reflect the “new affluence of the area”.

And it tried to claim the upstairs conversion would help the council fulfil its home-building targets. What planet is this developer on?

Clearly not one where integrity is a priority. If it thinks it is helping an area by excluding its established community or helping the housing crisis by evicting a loyal tenant then it does not deserve to take ownership of any of our community assets.

I sincerely hope that the inspector’s ruling will send a clear message to developers like Mendoza that their arrogance will backfire on them.

Monsell Road, N4


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