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With the new HS2 law, war has been declared on Camden

09 March, 2017

• ON February 23 when the HS2 bill passed into law, war was declared on Camden.

Not since World War II will there have been so much destruction over such a long period.

As Paul Braithwaite said (Trees will go as more poison arrives, March 2), first 70 HGVs will descend on the zoo’s public car park, dwellings will be torn down, parks will be surrounded by 3m metal fences and security guards with powers of arrest, and the trees then cut down with chainsaws; skeletons will be heaped into trucks and taken to mass graves; the very air will be polluted to dangerous levels of carbon monoxide and PCBs, bringing death and dementia to our children; the roads will be torn up and blocked to traffic for 20 years while sewers and services are diverted at vast expense.

We have been betrayed by our MPs and councillors through ignorance but with knowledge of power and how to keep it. They should not be surprised if there is civil disobedience.

For this has nothing to do with clipping 20 minutes off the railway timetable to Birmingham; it has nothing to do with going easily to and from the continent by train.

But it has to do with making money through land grab, and speculation, and contracting on a truly monumental scale.

Our MPs and councillors are supposed to represent our best interests, but through their unbelievable ignorance of railway systems, or of living in council flats on low incomes without holidays in Devon, they have betrayed us.

They would not dare cut down St James’s Park or build tower blocks in Russell Square, or Woburn Square, or tear down Harrods, because this is a class war.

Brill Place trees in Somers Town will be the first to be cut down, even though they have just been planted. Most MPs and Lords living in the Cotswolds or Esher don’t even know where Brill Place is, or care.

South Hill Park Gardens, NW3


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