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Wobbly cat back home and well after ‘large mass’ removed from ear

Experts operated after Asia brought-in to Belsize vets seeming 'drunk'

27 July, 2020 — By Tom Foot

A ‘cat scan’ revealed the Maine Coon had vestibular syndrome

A WOBBLY cat was operated on after a scan revealed a “large mass” growing inside her ear.

The Maine Coon cat, Asia, was brought in to the Village Vet in Belsize Village with her eyes darting from side to side and making involuntary movements.

The five-year-old was suspected to have vestibular syndrome – a disease often caused by a brain or ear problem – and can make animals appear ‘drunk’.

Asia’s eyes were darting before the op

Village Vet’s Dr Mary Fletcher said: “Animals with this syndrome usually present with a head tilt, wobbliness and involuntary movements of the eyes.

“So we performed an examination of her ear with an otoscope and found the likely cause of the problem.

“Asia had a large mass growing inside her ear, which was affecting the nerves and causing the instability and rapid eye movement.”

The cat is getting better

The cat was referred to the London Vet Specialists (LVS) hospital, also in Belsize Park, which has a pet CT scanner, ultrasound, operating theatre and team of experts.

The operation performed by Dr Janet McClaran, who said: “I had to carefully open a small window in the ear in order to remove the mass in its entirety.

“This was a delicate operation requiring miniaturised instruments and great care to avoid nerve damage, especially as this was quite a large mass trapped inside a small cat’s ear.”


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