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Xmas Hamper Appeal: How you can help make sure nobody gets forgotten!

Fund-raising ideas welcome - and we'll report on how you help Camden's most in need

03 November, 2017

THE New Journal today pledges to once again do all we can to make sure nobody feels forgotten this Christmas.

The festive season may still seem a long way away but the days will fly by in the rush to big ho-ho-ho. This is why we are appealing now for anybody who has a fundraising idea to join our annual hamper appeal.

Every year we raise as much money as we can to buy hampers for those in need at what should be a special time for all. We send the gift to elderly residents living on their own. Some of them are dreading another Christmas with only memories to light up the season.

We also try to help families on the breadline and people who have gone through hardship over the past 12 months. By working with the community, we hope to show Camden is a place where we care about our neighbours, a place where everybody gets invited to the party.

A hamper cannot solve everybody’s problems with one knock on the door and a nicely wrapped parcel, but it does show that we all care. We know times are tough and everybody has less to spare, but this makes any donation you can make even more special.

Every idea you have for a fund-raising event – a quiz in a pub, a sponsored run, a dosh-generating dare – will add to the number of hampers we can send out. Clubs, groups, societies, friends – you can all get together and help, and we’ll make sure we feature you all in our pages. You never cease to amaze with your creativity and your willingness to help.

We thank you now for your generosity.



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