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Extinction Rebellion are aiming at the wrong target

20 September, 2019

Extinction Rebellion protesters in Islington. Credit: Talia Woodin @taltakingpics (29)

• CONCERNING Extinction Rebellion (Islington Town Hall furious at Extinction Rebellion disruption threats, September 13), we are in a climate emergency and the environment is now at the top of people’s concerns both in the country and in Islington.

Here the council is delivering pioneering action to tackle the climate emergency.

• We are divesting the council’s pension fund from the fossil fuel industry.

• We have developed a strategy along with the London mayor to improve air quality.

• We have delivered the 12th largest per person reduction in carbon emissions of anywhere in the country.

• We have opposed the third runway at Heathrow.

• And we have declared a climate emergency.

It is therefore extremely disappointing that Extinction Rebellion has threatened to bring our borough to a standstill if the council doesn’t agree to demands.

I would remind Extinction Rebellion that they are attacking a Labour council that is sympathetic to their aims of getting climate justice and they should be focusing on the real problem which is global capitalism, big fossil fuel companies, and a Tory government that supplies arms to Saudia Arabia and has inflicted universal credit on some of the people of Islington causing them great hardship.

This Tory government has cut our budget by 70 per cent and I would invite Extinction Rebellion to unite with us in our fight to get rid of this government and stop attacking a Labour council that has managed to maintain front-line services throughout this period of austerity.

Labour, St George’s ward


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