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Yes, ban the leaf-blowers

22 May, 2020

• YOUR correspondent (Leaf-blowers are bad news and unnecessary, Letters, May 14) states a self-evident fact.

All kinds of people – many famous commentators and journalists included, have written about the same thing, with absolutely zero effect.

Why is nothing done particularly now during the pandemic?

For those of us living in flats or on estates, it is impossible to ignore the horrendous noise caused by the weekly visit of contract gardeners who use petrol-driven leaf-blowers.

As they usually come on a weekday, during working hours, many will not have previously known (because they will have been out at work) how extremely noisy they are.

The fact that those who operate them have to wear ear-defenders should give an indication of the decibel level.

Many will now be aware, for the first time, what the elderly or the sick or others who were obliged to be at home before the lockdown have to put up with every week of the year.

Leaf-blowers blow up dust clouds which are a health hazard for people with respiratory illnesses, in particular children with asthma.

Surely the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government should consider banning their use by contract gardeners, at least for the duration of the pandemic?

I shall certainly join the BanLeafBlowers group on Facebook and I urge everyone who agrees with me to do the same.

Shepherds Hill, N6


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