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Your neighbourhood needs you

20 November, 2020

Food bank provision

• IN times of furlough payments and job losses for many, our community centres prove how important they are for their neighbourhoods.

For many families the consequences of Covid-19 and lockdown are catastrophic and it is not easy for them to make ends meet.

Like countless others, I regularly help out at my local community centre in Gospel Oak, the QCCA. Every weekday evening there is a warm takeaway meal for everyone.

Twice a week we bring groceries home to those who cannot or should not leave their homes because they are vulnerable to the virus.

Free and confidential advice, information, and guidance is offered to everyone and for our young people there are great projects to keep them off the street and out of the gangs.

Despite their immense importance, almost all community centres are suffering from the financial burdens of dealing with this crisis and budget cuts.

I would like to ask everyone who can, to support the centres or to give a helping hand with volunteer work. Your neighbourhood needs you.

The Heights, NW3


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