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Your ‘sponsored feature’ didn’t grab me…

14 January, 2021

• I WAS intrigued by the four-page “sponsored feature”, in the form of a spoof CNJ cover from nine years in the future, wrapped around your January 7 issue.

It carried articles about a progressive-sounding future that was either desired or predicted, but it wasn’t clear which.

I looked for a clear statement in the supplement of which person or organisation was responsible for the material, together with their address, phone number, email, and so on; but this essential contact information was missing.

My idea of a forward-looking organisation which works for a better future is one which encourages dialogue about its ideas. But whoever was behind this supplement seems to believe in a more arrogant ideas-in-one-direction-only approach.

And as if that wasn’t enough to dissuade me from reading the supplement sympathetically, I then noticed that the date of the supposed future CNJ was given as Saturday January 7 2030.

It takes only a few seconds’ thought to realise that such a date is impossible (in fact January 7 2030 will be a Monday). I hope the organisation responsible for those pages doesn’t really have too much influence on our future.


• Editor’s note: Our story inside on page 15 did list the groups who produced the feature and invited people to join them on a Zoom call to discuss what happens next.


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