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20 November, 2020

Henry Conlon, landlord of the Dublin Castle in Parkway, Camden Town

• IT’S often said… “Every village has one.” But nowhere in this land shall you find a newspaper even half as good as the Camden New Journal.

Its enviable, trustworthy, team of reporters have steadily braved the elements from dusk till dawn, day upon day, to grab our views and lay this jigsaw into print. It’s been no easy task for the team on this multi-award winning newspaper.

The journalists are battle hardy, having so very often endured the elements in order to scoop the local news to present to Camden’s community without fail each and every week. It’s often a thankless job, come rain or shine, hail or snow.

I’d hate to imagine just how many hours sleep have been lost as they’ve raced against the clock to beat the deadline for print for 2,000 editions of this paper.

This borough has within it the most wonderfully diverse community. We are surrounded by a wealth of cultures and traditions as we live in, work in or visit Camden every day.

This borough has the most extraordinary make-up of so-called tribes and small neighbourhoods of people who meet and gather around their local bar, coffee shop, hairdresser, corner café or faith centre.

Many of us don’t venture too far past the local parade of shops each week. We’ll often return to the familiarity of the faces and places that give us comfort the most. We are all creatures of habit.

The CNJ recognises this potpourri of diversity. However all of our cultures have one common denominator that we enjoy the most.

We are all very guilty of flicking through the weekly pages to see if we recognise anyone in the photos or see any news from the places we know.

Fondly known as the CNJ the paper fills our minds with good news as well as voicing the concerns of the few who thought nobody cared about their woes.

The CNJ has grown to become the official grapevine for the people inside this wonderful borough. The CNJ gives us something to talk about, to commence our gossip and banter to others in our tales of joy and sadness.

So next time you see a photo in the CNJ give a second thought to the person who took that snap.

The subjects in the picture probably had no intention of having a grumpy expression nor did they expect to have their arms folded in order to emphasise how cross they should be.

This “moment” was captured by the professional who hunted those inner personas for that perfect shot.

How else would they create and capture those wonderfully wide beaming smiles from us all? And our biggest smiles arrive as we hear the punchline to the wit and parody to the tune of the clicking camera shutter.

The CNJ fear no politician, nor the long arm of the law. They will not bow to the pleas of our councillors nor to Town Hall officials.

The CNJ will tell the story as it is. The paper let’s us decide the rights and the wrongs that are created every day.

The power of the pen has the CNJ at its helm. Its reporters are ready to rattle the cages of the borough’s élite and of those who do not perform.

Together we should all celebrate these saviours of our local free speech at the CNJ. For 2,000 editions they’ve shared our smiles and concerns.

We are assured that our campaigns, protests, and celebrations have been recorded. Future generations may look back and see us all living together being the people of Camden.

From the editor to the receptionist in Camden Road, this team are our true local heroes and we thank them all for giving us all a voice and for playing a huge part in our lives.

The Dublin Castle’s landlord pays tribute to the CNJ


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